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Bassam’s Story

From Fashion To Self-Realisation

dBassam’ life has been about trust and stepping into service. The first half entailed building resilience through hardship and trial – apathy, scarcity, doubt, disappointment and fear, and the second half has been about setting foundations for sharing the insights accrued over the past 35 years.

Glimpse Of The Past

Born and raised in war-torn Lebanon of the 70’s, Bassam’s family immigrated to live in the west when he was 12. As a teenager he grappled with PTSD, and ethnicity issues related to the challenges of adjusting to a new life in Australia.

Bassam’s world opened up when he discovered spirituality in books at17, igniting in him a passion for personal development and spiritual realisation. 

Over the coming years, daily meditation practice guided him on a transformative journey of healing, recovery, and progressive self realisation. 

A Career In Fashion

At 19 an unlikely career in fashion as a model was spawned, when a photographer took photos of Bassam, suggesting he take them to Chadwick’s Models.

Over the next 20+ years Bassam lived and worked in the fashion capitals of the world. Throughout, meditation helped him stay grounded.

Certifications And Experience

It was around 2000, that Bassam’s transition from fashion to his calling as a meditation teacher started when a friend asked him for instruction. Others soon followed, looking  to balance their lives and tap into their inner wisdom

To give legitimacy to his fledgling but growing career, Bassam spent the next 10 years getting certified in various modalities, including holistic counselling, solution-focused life coaching, corporate coaching clinic facilitation (CCF), rebirthing breathwork therapy, and mental health first aid instruction (MHFAI).

90+ Workshops & Retreats In 20 Countries 

Bassam has since had the privilege of working with individuals from all walks of life, and facilitating over 90 holistic empowerment workshops and retreats in 20 countries.

Notable clients included:

  • 2009 – 20013: Facilitating the Mindfulness program at Cranbrook School, Sydney.
  • 2016 – 2017: Conducting breathwork at Gautier Dance Company in Stuttgart, helping the Ballerinas enhance their flow.
  • 2017: Conducting breathwork with the Portuguese National Women’s Volleyball team, who went on to win the title that year.
  • 2018: Consulting with Patrick Fischer, the head coach of the Swiss National Men’s Ice Hockey Team, during the 2018 Seoul Winter Olympics, to help the players prepare for their games.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA)

Bassam is particularly passionate about his work as a mental health first aid instructor, and rebirthing breathwork therapist and trainer, helping breakdown the stigmas associated with mental health, and introducing the broader community to the transformative power of breathwork.


Combining ancient wisdom and modern solution-focused practices

MHFA Courses

  • Meet requirements for mental health first aid training in your ogranisation
  • Foster a healthy work environment for greater employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Recognise signs of mental health issues and provide initial support and resources.

Read more and find out how you can make a positive impact in your organisation and community.

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Private Therapy

  • Foster greater self-awareness and sense of wellbeing
  • Cultivate mental resilience and healthy emotional expression
  • Heal trauma, overcome self sabotage, and realise your higher potential.

Read more to find out how private therapy can help you navigate life’s challenges with power and grace.

The Word Breathe as Concept in Saving Earth

Breathwork Group

  • Detress, unwind, and releaswe hinderances to your progress
  • Deepen your inner connection and gain greater self awareness
  • Transform your personal and professional life and connect with those on a similar trajectory.

Read more to find out how you can Join a session to experience the dynamic power of rebirthing breathwork.


Bassam was a turning point in my personal and professional career. I did rebirthing and two cycles of the 21 day YouVolution. It feels so good how rewarding the process of positivity and gratitude can be. I speak from the heart when I say that both these practices, Rebirthing and YouVolution, are great tools for boosting one’s love for life, passion for work and self discovery. 4 years ago I had cancer and Bassam helped me to understand several things about my life and my relations with others. I highly recommend Bassam’s work to anyone who is ready to to explore their potential.

David Rodriguez

Professional Dancer, Gautier Dance Stutgardt

Thank you for such an amazing course, Bassam. What an eye opener! I had an incredible experience and truly enjoyed the learning. Ever grateful.

Shereine Swindon

Pure Hot Yoga

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, it was what I needed. Thank you. And you have such a profound, warm, playful and inspiring energy.

Tricia Woodfrey

MNLP MNLP, DHP, FCIPD, DHNP, Dip. AIT Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Wellness

I’ve been trying to meditate for three years with little success. I thought I knew how to meditate, for years. With Bassam, I learned to be ‘in meditation’. I started one of your courses and something struck me strait away, that here was someone who spoke from a position of knowing. The instructions were clear and simple and I was able to judge my progress with each session. I highly recommend your courses to anyone who feels they cant “get” meditation.

Jesse Russell-Williams

Psychologist, Self Defence Instructor

I absolutely loved the course. Your work is so deep, and has helped me to connect more intimately with myself. Much darkness has been shed.

Alexis Jane

Wellness Coach

Thank you for such an amazing course, Bassam. What an eye opener! I had an incredible experience and truly enjoyed the learning. Ever grateful.

Shammah Dhal

Executive Coach

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