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About Bassam

Lebanese born living in the west, consciousness science researcher and practitioner for 35 + years Bassam is founder of YouVolve coaching community that’s helping members realise their potential and live their mission.

He is a certified Life Coach & Holistic Therapist, meditation teacher and breathwork specialist.

Bassam’s past was in fashion as a model working and living for 25 years on an off between Europe, US and Australia.

He discovered meditation in his mid-twenties and in 2002, beginning to transition out of fashion, Bassam began to teach.

In 2009, he was invited to facilitate the mindfulness program at Cranbrook School, Sydney and in 2013, after 4 years at Cranbrook, Bassam left the school and set out to travel and share meditation with others.

In 6 years he visited 20 countries and ran 90+ workshops and retreats.

He hopes to inspire you to live with passion, purpose and presence

Highlights Of His Travels

– Rebirthing (breathwork) the Ballerinas at Gauthier Dance company in Stutggart, Germany.

“I knew little about dance but knew how to use the breath to help the dancers facilitate greater fluidity in their movements.”

– Rebirthing (breathwork) the national woman’s Portugese Volleyball team who went on to win the title that year.

“I like to fantasise that I may have contriubed to their win in some way.”

– Consulting with Patrick Fischer the head coach of the Swiss National Ice Hockey Team during the Seoul Winter Olympics 2018.

Glimpse Of The Past

Born and raised in war torn Lebanon of the 70’s, in 77, Bassam’s family immigrated to live in the west.

Throughout his teens and well into adulthood Bassam struggled with ethnicity related issues and undiagnosed PTSD in the new world.

He fantasised that some day a mentor who would show up and take him under their wings, help to guide him and realise his potential.

His parents were already in their 70’s and, laking due guidance, he’d dropped out of school at 15 and was loitering on the the streets of Redfern drinking with “likeminded others!”

At 19, his prospects looked pretty grim when fate intervened!


A fashion photographer asked to take photos of him and a career as a fashion model was spawned lasting on and off 25 years.

“Off the streets I went and onto the pages of fashion magazines.” 

Bassam liked to read and about this same time he discovered spirituality in the works of masters like Yogananda, Ohso, Gurdjieff and Ramana Maharshi.

At 23, while living and working in Paris, he an experience that changed the trajectory of his life.

Making A New World

One evening Bassam read the book Making A New World, By John Bennett, a student of G. I. Gurdjieff.

He was so engrossed that he had read it in a single sitting and by the time he closed the book and looked up he had been transprorted into an alternate dimension to this day he struggles to identify.

“For the next 4 days I became insomniac and walked the streets of Paris feeling estranged to myself and everything around me.”


Here on Bassam’s already fragile identity began to crumble as his attention began to reorient within.

“From infancy we are trained to focus our attention outside ourselves. In time we become outwardly centric and cease to recognise ourelves within.”

He discovered meditation proper in his mid-twenties and took to it like a “house on fire!”

“I felt that I had no choice. And while friends would be out building their business I’d be in my room honing in my meditation.”

At 29, now living in South Beach, Miami, Bassam finally got his opportunity to join to a Gurdjieff 4th way study group.

From Model To Mystic

“Gurdjieff’s work over the coming years primed me with ability to sniff out the real from mere pop culture!

In 98, following a relationship breakup, after 10 years living between Europe and the US, Bassam packed his bags and returned to live in Australia.

Beginning his slow transition out of fashion at 32, Bassam relocated to the hinterlands of NSW to figure out what’s next.

Oer the next 4 years he was initiated in Vipassana Buddhist meditation and worked to deepen his practice.

One day a friend asked for would for insruction


In 2002 Bassam following his father’s death BAssam was called to return to Sydney.

The next 3.5 years he lived with his grieving mother as her live-in-carer.

He tried his hand at various things, including going into partnership with a friend in a restaurant in Bondi.

“During the day I would tend to my mother’s needs and in the night I’d be at the restaurant taking care of business.

What Now?

He lasted just over 12 months then crashed.

It was Sunday evening. He had just walked out on his investment in the restaurant and was in his room (his father’s old room) on the floor cross-legged.  He could hear his mother still grieving in the next room.

“What now?” he wondered!

The next morning Bassam, woke up with an idea to visit an old friend who he knew was teaching yoga in a community centre in Potts point.

“You should do the same!” his friend suggested and thus a new career as medition guide was born.


When his mother passed away she had left him a bundle of cash in the back of the sofa.

He decided to put it to good use and studied to become a holistic Counselor and Life oach.

In 2009 Bassam had been running meditation classes in community centres and yoga studios around Sydney for 6 years, when one day he got a call from a Christophe, the head of the humanities dept at Cranbrook School, asking if he’d be interested in facilitaing a mindfulness program at the school.

Same Same But differnt

In 2013, after nearly 4 years at Cranbrook Bassam left Sydney in persuit of a vision of travelling and sharing his love for meditation with others.  

Over the next 6 years he visited 20 countries and facilitated 90+ spiritual empowerment workshops and retreats.

In 2017 Bassam returned to Sydney where he is presently transitioning his work online.

Are you ready for change?

What Jessie from the Sunshine Coast says:

Happy Clients Have Said…

I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday and it was exactly what I wanted/needed after having worked so hard for so long.

It’s good to do something for myself. You have a lovely warm, playful and spiritual energy.


Tricia Woolfrey

Tricia Woolfrey - MNLP, DHP, FCIPD, DHNP, Dip. AIT Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Wellness, London

Bassam has been a constant in my life for many years.

His guidance in breathwork and meditation has been nothing short of life changing for me. A grounding process of connection and healing.

I’m grateful for Bassam and his compassionate approach to guiding me and holding space for my inner transformations.

Richard Alma


It’s wonderful to witness your magic unfolding in the beautiful work that you do. Spirit’s presence is palpable!!

Present, profound, grounded, and transformational!

Thank you for shining brightly and sharing your gift with us Bassam!


Shammah Dhall

Bondi Beach

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