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“My mission is to teach meditation and to inspire people to look inward for
solutions to outer problems.

Meet Bassam

Hi, I’m Bassam, Consciousness Science researcher, Life Coach. I guide aspiring people on journeys of healing and self discovery.

Born and raised in war torn Lebanon of the 70’s my own life has not been free of the vicissitudes of suffering.

We are trained to adapt to living patterns that decide the measure of flow of our love. Yet we are divine souls here to celebrate our love not to hoard it.

My family immigrated to live in the west when I was 12. Throughout my teens and well into my adult life I struggled with undiagnosed PTSD and ethnicity issues.

My healing journey began at 17, when I discovered alternative thinking in the book Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson.

35 (+) years later I have been up and down the merry-go-round of the inner path what seems like a million times, studying and practicing the works of the spiritual masters of east and west.

I hope to share with you what has worked for me and to inspire you to look within for solutions to outer concerns.

Are you ready for change?

Jessie from the Sunshine Coast says:

Happy Clients Have Said…

I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday and it was exactly what I wanted/needed after having worked so hard for so long.

It’s good to do something for myself. You have a lovely warm, playful and spiritual energy.


Tricia Woolfrey

Tricia Woolfrey - MNLP, DHP, FCIPD, DHNP, Dip. AIT Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Wellness, London

Bassam has been a constant in my life for many years.

His guidance in breathwork and meditation has been nothing short of life changing for me. A grounding process of connection and healing.

I’m grateful for Bassam and his compassionate approach to guiding me and holding space for my inner transformations.

Richard Alma


It’s wonderful to witness your magic unfolding in the beautiful work that you do. Spirit’s presence is palpable!!

Present, profound, grounded, and transformational!

Thank you for shining brightly and sharing your gift with us Bassam!


Shammah Dhall

Bondi Beach

Meditation Fundamentals
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Astrology Fundamentals
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Meditation Fundamentals

Breathwork Fundamentals

Rebirthing Certification


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