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No more drudgery. No more money concerns.
No more despair!

Meet Bassam

Lebanese born Australian, Bassam is a researcher and practitioner of Consciousness Science for over 3 decades.

He is founder of YouVolve and Conscious Conceptions and has been teaching meditation & breathwork since 2005.

In 2009, Bassam was invited to facilitate Mindfulness training at Cranbrook School Sydney, where he taught students and teachers for 4 years.

In 2013, he left Sydney and began to travel the world sharing spiritual wisdom with others. To date he visited 20 countries and ran 240 + spiritual empowerment events.

He hopes to to inspire you to live with presence, purpose and passion.

Our Courses

Our courses are designed to guide participants on journeys of self discovery leading to certification as Consciousness Consultants.

Our flagship program is Rewire, which combines science and spirituality to help laypeople worldwide to rewire their brain to positivity.

Our Breathwork Essentials trains doulas, midwives, carers and other holistic practitioners rebirthing breathwork therapists in the Integral Orr Method.

And our Conscious Conceptions program guides wanna-be-parents to Birth In Bliss.

A Word From Bassam

We can elevate our world by elevating the status of the individual beyond survival.

No more drudgery. No more money concerns. No more despair!

To add, our birthing practices, which continue to be traumatic and harm the soul must be upgraded!

If we are serious about peace as a species, then, we have start with peace not violence!

It’s why I am passionate about making it a paid-for-provision by government for all wanna-be-parents to undergo healing of their own Birth Trauma FIRST before deciding to conceive.

The greatest gift a parent can offer a new life is the gift of their own healing!


Are you ready for change?

Listen what Jessie from the Sunshine Coast had to say!

Happy Clients Have Said…

I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday and it was exactly what I wanted/needed after having worked so hard for so long.

It’s good to do something for myself. You have a lovely warm, playful and spiritual energy.


Tricia Woolfrey

Tricia Woolfrey - MNLP, DHP, FCIPD, DHNP, Dip. AIT Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Wellness, London

Bassam has been a constant in my life for many years.

His guidance in breathwork and meditation has been nothing short of life changing for me. A grounding process of connection and healing.

I’m grateful for Bassam and his compassionate approach to guiding me and holding space for my inner transformations.

Richard Alma


It’s wonderful to witness your magic unfolding in the beautiful work that you do. Spirit’s presence is palpable!!

Present, profound, grounded, and transformational!

Thank you for shining brightly and sharing your gift with us Bassam!


Shammah Dhall

Bondi Beach

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Breathwork Fundamentals

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Happy clients


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