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Meet Bassam

Hi, I’m Bassam, Lebanese born Soul astrologer, rebirther, and non-dual meditation teacher, living in the West.

My family fled the 70’s Lebanese civil war and immigrated to Sydney, Australia when I was 12.

Glimpse Of The Past

Throughout my teens and well into my adult life I struggled with undiagnosed PTSD and ethnicity related issues.

I discovered consciousness science in in my late teens in the book Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson.

The Journey

35+ years forward I’ve been up and down the merry-go-round of spirituality what seems like a million times, practicing the works of notable spiritual masters of both east and west.

I’ve also tested many a healing modality in the hope of finding release from the internal war that raged inside me.

You can take the war out of the equation of daily life but the terror remains imbedded within.

The Power Of Meditation

Practices that stood out for me over the years, that are still a part of my daily life and have since 2002 made up the arsenal of my toolkit as a spiritual guide/life coach are:

– Self Enquiry – Meditation – Rebirthing Breathwork – Astrology

Combined they have served to nurse my shellshocked Soul back to a sense of wellbeing and an essence-feeling of usefulness and service.

Man Overboard

In 2013, after 18 years of daily meditation practice – teaching groups since 2002, running a private a therapy practice and facilitating the mindfulness program at Cranbrook School, Sydney for four years – I was at the height of my “game”.

Then in the span of a month an unexpected event – think crisis – wiped the smile off my spiritual face and dug me deep in the mud.


Heart broken, without home and hardly a hand full of cash to my name, three months later I was still licking my wounds on Bondi beach one early morning when I had a transcendent experience that changed my thinking about what it takes to be free from suffering.

A Non Assuming Question

I had simply asked what if I no longer cared, then watched as my attention suddenly recoiled within and my awareness absorbed in ITSELF.

The experience didn’t last but he impression it left has been indelible.

Three weeks later I left my life in Sydney with a hand full of cash in my pocket and travelled to London to visit a friend – ticket paid-for by him.

The Present

Its Covid 2020. 7 years have passed. I’m now back in Sydney.

Between 2013 and 2019 I visited 20 countries, facilitating 140 + spiritual empowerment workshops and retreats.

Recently, I’ve been reorienting some of my work ONLINE, teaching Astrology Fundamentals via Zoom.

See: https://www.facebook.com/events/1011034529326014/

I also consult privately where possible and facilitate meditation and Rebirthing Breathwork groups.

Excitingly, Astrology Fundamentals, the book, is nearing completion. I’m also putting the final touches on The Conscious Consultant – Rebirthing Breathwork Certification Training.

These are interesting times to say the least. I hope to inspire you to use them favourably to fulfil a higher destiny for the good of all!

Are you ready for change?

Jessie from the Sunshine Coast says:

Happy Clients Have Said…

I thoroughly enjoyed Sunday and it was exactly what I wanted/needed after having worked so hard for so long.

It’s good to do something for myself. You have a lovely warm, playful and spiritual energy.


Tricia Woolfrey

Tricia Woolfrey - MNLP, DHP, FCIPD, DHNP, Dip. AIT Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Wellness, London

Bassam has been a constant in my life for many years.

His guidance in breathwork and meditation has been nothing short of life changing for me. A grounding process of connection and healing.

I’m grateful for Bassam and his compassionate approach to guiding me and holding space for my inner transformations.

Richard Alma


It’s wonderful to witness your magic unfolding in the beautiful work that you do. Spirit’s presence is palpable!!

Present, profound, grounded, and transformational!

Thank you for shining brightly and sharing your gift with us Bassam!


Shammah Dhall

Bondi Beach

Meditation Fundamentals
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Astrology Fundamentals
Course 1

Rebirthing Breathwork Certification


The following online courses will also soon be available:


Meditation Fundamentals

Breathwork Fundamentals

Rebirthing Certification


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