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Dear friends.

I really hope you enjoyed your Astrology Fundamentals 1. and learned as much as I did.

Here I just have a few short questions about your experience if you could answer I’d appreciate it.

This would help me to improve the content and delivery of the course.

Please bear in mind as you answer that Fundamentals 1 is intended to be intro into the 7 layers of Astrology to set the foundation for reading a Natal Chart.

Thank you so much for answering…

Warmly B

Feedback – Astrology Fundamentals 1

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Thank you again and Love to you all in this time of SHIFTING OF THE AGES!

PS: the following are my plans for the near future, read only if interested:

I’ll do 1 more Fundamentals 1. then plan for 2 then 3.

– 2 will weave everything together into a reading style…

– 3 is a hands on course that will focus on the 12 houses as a coaching framework for cultivating excellence (with pen and paper) in the 12 life departments that they represent.

The unique thing about astrology is that it doesn’t just show the specific combinations of energies that are at play in the 12 houses (life department), to create weakness and strength, it also provides a framework we can refer to pen and paper to flesh out our philosophy, vision, and course of action.

I will then professionally record the three courses and offer them 1 by 1 on my website. There will of course be an Astrology Fundamentals – The Book.

The same formulae will be followed for a Meditation Fundamentals and Rebirthing Breathwork Fundamentals – Courses and certification.

Combined all Fundamentals courses will make up Spiritual Fundamentals 1 – The Course.

I would have liked this in my younger years, to quench and guide my spiritual thirst towards an understanding of myself and an alternative career as a consciousness consultant!

Thank you for reading, and in the words of Jeff Fennech, the boxer from down town Marrickville, “Love youse all” 🙂


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