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The Authentic Life – By the Light of Your Own Consciousness

Before I start my day each day, I settle into a period of sacred introspection. For the most part, the sacred is missing in our lives, and my intention is to reenlist in my experience. I then proceed to generate within me a feeling of possibility, not because the odds...

The Power Of Being Willing

Introduction In today's fast-paced world, presence can seem like an unattainable goal for many. With the constant distractions, demands, and the weight of negative thinking, being present seems like an impossible mission. Healing and gaining control over our minds are...

Purification With Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas have been used for decades for detoxification and purification. The concept of using coffee enemas for health purposes was introduced by Max Gerson, a German-born American physician who developed the Gerson Therapy, a natural treatment approach for...

Fast to Heal and Rejuvenate

Fast to Heal and Rejuvenate

Fasting has long been a part of human history, used for thousands of years across various cultures and religions as a means of healing and rejuvenation. Modern research confirms the numerous benefits of abstaining from food for certain periods of time, which extend...

Seeker Of Truth

Seeker Of Truth

In a world rife with misinformation, commercialisation, and shallow promises, the pursuit of truth is an act of great dare, courage, and self realisation. That's because truth is an inner phenomenon that requires us, at least momentarily at some point in our journey,...

Celebration of Possibility

Life - Opportunity for self realisation, service and celebration Life is a gift, a precious gift that is bestowed upon us. Every day that we wake up, we are given another chance to live and experience the beauty that life has to offer. It is a journey that is filled...

Mental Health

Mental Health

Mental health is often overlooked as an important facet of overall health, but it is as crucial as physical health. Generally speaking, mental health is a state of wellbeing in which one feels capable of realising their innate potential, can cope with the normal...

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What My Clients Say...

Bassam truly has a gift.

I've had the pleasure of experiencing his Breathwork and meditation sessions, and have gained enormously.

He has an extremely unique ability to bridge ancient and modern wisdom in applicable terms.

I was so impressed with him and his work, in fact, that I invited him to share his expertise with my online community.

I see Bassam as an important contributor in the awakening of global consciousness and highly recommend him to anyone looking to live a life of expanded purpose and vision.

James Yates

Founder, ReIgnite

Working with Bassam radically changed my life.

I'd never felt so calm and safe and I attribute this welcome change to the power of Bassam's breathwork and our profound session discussions

I absolutely recommend breathwork as a transformative agent and I highly recommend being in Bassam’s presence in any capacity, for the wisdom & elegance with which he shares is truly astounding and hugely inspiring.

I'm very grateful to have crossed paths with Bassam and to be guided by him on my journey of unfolding.

Charlie Bourne

Founder, Bourne Whole

We were a group of 12 and had the pleasure of working with Bassam over a long weekend in the French Alps. 

The transformations we experienced were nothing short of worldview changing. 

Bassam has such a beautiful presence, and a hypnotising voice that makes you feel safe and whole.

Your breathwork and meditations have taken me to a whole other level of self awareness, Bassam thank you.

I only have praise for what you do and look forward to working with you again.

Nikki Shields

Owner, Chalet Savoie

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