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Living Mastery

Every map has two coordinates. So too does the map of our life!

Living Mastery

It’s 2 part program that will help anyone who heeds it to build a masterful and satisfying life free from future regret!

Living Mastery is the practical wisdom that any young man setting out into the world for the first time would wish to have.

It is the product of my own lifelong learning and struggle to navigate life’s intricacies on even keel.

It has 2 parts:

Part 1 is based on the principle that every map has two coordinates. So too does the map of our lives. And that if one wishes to lead a prosperous and meaningful life one must be able to navigate both coordinates with equal knowhow.

The coordinates are:

1. The Horizontal

2. The Vertical

Part two, suggests that we have 5 essential needs that we must be able to meet.

These are:

1. Homebase

2. Residual income

3. Relation

4. Good health

5. Spiritual Wisdom to give meaning to his worldly life

Living Mastery will allow anyone who heeds its wisdom to build a satisfying life that is free from future regret.

All of us will arrive at an age when we will naturally look back and wonder what have we done with the time allotted to us.

At the very least we want to be able to say, well, I may not have invented a “rocket” but I have secured for my essential needs:

I have a home; I’m financially independent; I can come and go as I please; I’m in a loving relationship and I have beautiful friendships; I’m in great health; and I’m spiritually aware of the reasons I’m in this physical form.

If one can not say as much they will feel that they have failed themselves in some way.

This recently happened to me and found myself coming up short on all but one front:

Spirituality, which I had used as a way of compensating for and justifying my other shortcomings.

Part 1 – Horizontal & Vertical Mastery


– The Horizontal

РThe Vertical 

Part 2 – The Essentials



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