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The Soul Inspired Life.

Become Your Self

Unresolved issues of our the past that that have not been addressed can cause us to feel overwhelmed. The right modality with expert attention can put the spring back into your step by releasing negative emotions like shame, guilt, jealously, envy, anger, festering under the surface and causing apathy, lethargy, even defeat and self loathing.

1. Life Readings

Astrology is the oldest surviving coaching platform known to us and offers an elegant and concise system of self study.

1 – Solution Focused 1 x hour reading.

– Gain clarity about any specific issue of concern and find resolution.

The session is recorded and emailed to you.

Book Now – $175

2 – Purpose & Mission 2 x hour life reading.

This is a  comprehensive study of your chart during which you will explore:

– Past life tendencies – These are the traits that make up your comfort zone and hinder your progress
– Your gifts and talents – These are your unique features to use to achieve your life mission
– Your soul intention – This is the principle lesson your soul incarnated to master in this lifetime
– Your life mission – This is your potential highest achievement & contribution in this lifetime
– Primary wounding – This is the wounding you incurred in childhood and that acts as the unconscious motivating force in your life.

The session is recorded and emailed to you.

Book Now – $300

2. Meditation Coaching

Learn to set up a successful daily meditation practice. Principles and foundation.

– Cultivate presence, meaning and peace.
– Enhance your creativity and sensitivity.

All sessions are recorded and emailed to you.

Book Now –
Full Course (8 x 1 hour intro + practice sessions)

3. Breathwork Rebirthing

Rebirthing is a gentle, non intrusive, healing/empowerment system that uses the power of your own breath to effect psycho/spiritual and physical healing.

– Heal the past
– Energise the brain
– Detox the body
– Purify the blood
– Condition the organs
– And that’s just the start.

Book Now –
– Option 1: 1 x session – 3 hours $375
– Option 2: 3 x 3 hour sessions package $900
– Option 2: 5 x 3 sessions package $1375

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