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Therapy & Life Coaching

A Unique Approach Combining Ancient Wisdom & Modern Solution Focused Practices
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Journeys Of Healing & Transformation

SoulWise offers a unique Therapy & Life Coaching approach that combines the power of Rebirthing Breathwork, mindfulness counseling, and solution-focused life coaching to guide our clients on a transformative journey of deep healing, and sustainable personal growth like no other.

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Discuss your current situation and explore the best options for your personal and professional growth.

Common Reasons for Seeking Therapy

People come to therapy for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Personal and professional development
  • Career & life transitions
  • Depression
  • PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
  • Loss and grief
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Lack of meaning and purpose
  • Childhood trauma and abuse
  • Parental approval/disapproval syndrome
  • Educational and religious indoctrination and abuse
  • Anxiety and phobias

No matter the reason, our unique approach to therapy and life coaching will help you navigate life’s challenges and achieve personal growth.


Awesome time man! I’m vibrating all over and all that sweating today has really opened my eyes to other ways of letting go of deep seeded anger and upset I’ve had in my life!… A real sense of relief knowing this. And really look forward to pushing it even further next time, and seeing the results.

Zac Cole


Amazing experience. It was my first and definitely not the last! Bassam creates such an inviting, warm & loving space to start my journey to freedom, releasing the chains of the past that have been holding me down for so long. I thank you Bassam.

Karlton D. Wider

Highrise window cleaner, Sydney

I just wanted to thank you with all my heart. You have given me hope that things can change. I feel so very honoured that you took the time to be with me. Thank you and God bless you for all that you do. I’ve learnt so much… but especially that God is not out there somewhere – but is in me and I am in Him. And also my thoughts…they are not who I am….and just so much more.

Marie Mcpherson

Thank you Bassam! I feel reborn! It was once again an intense and amazing experience and I’m feeling really grateful and privileged to have shared that with you in this beautiful space!

Lina Mbirkou

Life Coach

Bassam you are a shining light who inspires calm and adventure. Your Self Care workshop provided a wonderful safe space for personal exploration. And your heart-centred approach seemed to reach every one of us in the room…and the techniques you shared have immense power and potential for personal growth. I loved the experience. Thank you.

Helen Craven

Clinical Hypnotherapist

This is really incredible… The journey you took me on has accessed an experience of my ‘Self’ beyond the mind, beyond the concept I had of myself…I went from being unsure, habitually doubtful and in constant negative self-talk, to being able to live more in the moment, where I am forgiving of myself and others, Self-loving and affirming.

Diana Kluijtmans



What People are Saying

“Trully gifted

“I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Bassam’s work and have gained enormously. He has an extremely unique ability to bridge ancient and modern wisdom in applicable terms. In fact I was so impressed I invited him to share his expertise with my online community. I see Bassam as an important contributor in the awakening of global consciousness. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to transform their life.

James Yates
Founder, ReIgnite


“I’d never felt so safe and I attribute this welcome change in my life to the transformative power of Bassam’s presence. I absolutely recommend breathwork as a transformative agent and highly recommend being in his presence in any capacity, for the wisdom & elegance with which he shares is truly astounding. I’m very grateful to have crossed paths with you Bassam and to be guided by you.”

Charlie Bourne
Founder, Bourne Whole

“Changed my life

“We were a group of 12 working with Bassam in the French Alps over a long weekend. The transformations we experienced were worldview changing. Bassam has a beautiful presence and his hypnotic voice makes you feel at ease. I only have praise for what you do, Bassam. The breathwork and meditations have taken me to a whole other level of self awareness. I look forward to working with you again.”

Nikki Shields
Owner, Chalet Savoie


“So much has happened since my last session with you Bassam. In a nutshell, I am feeling grounded and no longer dwell in my make believe astral dream state. I’t’s the grounding in reality which I really enjoy. The fear that had been with me for years is gone and my past grandiosity, which was a defence fuelled by fear of reality, also seems to have abated. Thank you. I’m growing in every way and I am really grateful to you for this transformation.”

Miguel Mansur

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