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Charlie Bourne

Working with Bassam (or as he might humbly put it, working with my own breath) is helping me to radically change my human experience. Never before have I felt so calm, so safe & so trusting and I attribute a great deal of this progress to both the powerful his breathwork sessions and the incredibly profound pre and post session conversations. I would absolutely recommend Rebirthing as a transformative, deeply insightful practice for those on the path of self-discovery or/ self-healing. And I highly recommend being in Bassam’s presence in any capacity! The wisdom & elegance with which he shares is humbling & hugely inspiring. I eagerly anticipate each of our sessions after which I always feel a rich sense of wellness & a deeper, more intimate appreciation for life… I feel very grateful & honoured to have crossed paths with Bassam, and to be guided by him on this journey of unfolding.

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