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Quirine Van Nispen

Rebirthing Breathwork has been a life changing experience for me. I’ve done around 15 sessions with Bassam and I have sat by his side to observe him rebirth someone else. I’ve also assisted at one of his workshops in London. After about 10 sessions in my own beautiful journey I started to rebirth myself. I love the transformations I experience at each session, particularly the growing disinterest that today I feel towards expressing negative emotions. The insight I got at one recent session I did on myself, when i was physically paralysed from exhaustion by a mental event, was that negative emotions can easily be directed through positive channels that result in freedom, clarity and calm.

Rebirthing has helped me find myself again. It is a practical and down to earth process that is like going to the gym. One to two hours of pumping air, learning to breathe again, and to heal my relationship with the breath. The finer the quality of breathing the better the results…And Bassam, you are a humble but firm guide. I have deep respect for you and what you do. Thank you. I feel gratified to have found you and this process.

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