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Stella Ceolin

Bassam, Thank you. It was amazing…a beautiful experience indeed. I wasn’t sure what it would be like for my daughter who was skeptical on the drive up. Afterwards she said she felt very thankful and grateful for your attentive, peaceful and dedicated presence. All the personal encouragement and support you guided her throught made her feel very safe. In her own words: “it was awesome and he was awesome!” This is from the mouth of a 15 year old. And then perched on her little cloud she turned to me with stars in her eyes and asked: “can we do it again, mum? Please! When can we do it again?” So for anybody out there wondering if this is for them … Stop wondering! I would encourage anybody to try it… It is not invasive in anyway, it does not require anything else but your breath and the precious guidance of Bassam (oh a pillow and a blanket too). Thanking again from me and the little one.

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