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Welcome to YouVolve – 21 Day Member Only Community 

Welcome to our community

We are YouVolvers, a spiritual/empowerment community of inspired aspirants from all walks of life.

Amongst are artisans, lawyers, professional dancers, housewives, accountants and more…

Herein we gather to leverage the power of community in order to transform our lives and the lives of others.

Gratitude is our attitude and compassion is our fashion

We believe that the 4 pillars of success are:

1. Community support
2. Repeat execution
3. Proven paradigm
4. Caring and astute mentorship

We practice 5 simple daily success principles:

1. Gratitudes – to orient the mind to positivity
2. Conscious Acts of Kindness (CAK) – to open the heart
3. Meditation – to engender presence in our daily lives
4. Exercise – for increased mobility and health
5. Positivity journaling

We run monthly 21 day challenges to help us embody the practices we need to transform.

Rule of conduct:

As you post your day’s activity, take a second to like and support at least 1 other member with a comment.

– Keep it constructive & supporting.

DON’T – 
– Counsel, coach, sell, share your troubles/issues, complain or offer anyone any advise. If you must ask permission of the person you wish to counsel, coach, sell, share your troubles/issues, complain or offer advise to FIRST!

We are not broken, OR victims. We just need the supportive space to FLOWER & FLY!

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